Volume 1, Issue 2
March 21, 2005


Feminine Writing as an Alternative to the Patriarchal Language
by Seda Peksen

Encountering Identity: Affect, Writing and the Feminist Scholar
by Cristyn Davies

The Underbelly of the Essay
by Sosha Stuckey

Commentary: women + science Ph.D.s = disappearing act?
by Jessica Belser

Woman, Womyn, Wom: A Word of One’s Own
by Deborah Hauser

The Blind Spots in the Feminist Classroom: A Hong Kong Example
by Amy Lee

A Thousand Words: Messages in the Illustrations of Turn-of-the-Century Periodicals
by Sonja Lynch

From Pauline and Juliet to Today: Differences in Schools and the Quest for Inclusion
by Alison Edwards


Book Review: Out of this World: Why Literature Matters to Girls

by Lynda Hinkle

Staff Editorials

For Baby and Me: Tales of a Feminist Mother: Work and the Balancing Act
by Alison Edwards


“Quixotic Roar: A Non-Epic”
by Cynthia Kuhn

by Cynthia Kuhn

by Cynthia Kuhn

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