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28 Jun

Welcome to the Blog. MP journal was created in 2004 to create an academic environment for scholarly interrogation of feminist issues. In this blog, we hope to present some of our Board’s thoughts, issues and ideas. Posts in this blog do not necessary reflect the view points of the Journal as a corporate entity or of each and every individual board member. Our Editorial Board is loaded with intelligent, free-thinking women…and we don’t always agree. You won’t always agree with us, nor will we always agree with you. Feminists do not have to be lockstep party-liners. They do not come in one size, one race, one gender, one sexual orientation, one religion, one value system or even one goal.

Just one problem: Oppression.

And one hope: To turn Oppression on its head. Ich arbeite zu https://best-ghostwriter.com/hausarbeit-schreiben/ hause in meinem home-office

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