Bechdel Test

15 Apr

Cartoonist popularized a method for testing how inclusive movies are for women.  She credits her friend Liz Wallace with developing the criteria but they appeared in Bechdel”s comic “Dykes to Watch Out For” and so the test is known as the Bechdel Test or Bechdel Rule (sometimes the Bechdel / Wallace Test).   The test is comprised of three questions:

1) Does it have at least two women in it?

2) Do they talk to each other?

3) About something other than a man?

Some variations say the two women characters have to have names.  Movie viewers can rate films at The Bechdel Test Movie List ().  The site currently rates over 2000 films. His first single was tutti frutti, a hyper-sexual, scat boogie that reached 2 over at this website on the r&b charts and 17 on the non-segregated charts

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