Volume 1, Issue 3
September 2005

Choose Discourse
by Lynda L. Hinkle


Liberty and Justice for the Majority: Is Religious Abstention Really a Choice In American Patriotism? The Pledge of Allegiance in the Public Schools
by Elaine McDermott

Poet-Advocate: Feminist and Aboriginal Dualism in the Poems of E. Pauline Johnson Tekahionwake
by Laura Sanders

Criminals and Personal Responsibility: A Cognitive View of Choice
by Dr. Rhea Parsons

Regaining of Sanity, Sexuality, and Self-respect through Death, or the Story of Ophelia, the Awakening of Mrs. Pontellier, and the Triumph of Lily Bart
by Katarzyna Malecka

Testimonios Transfronteristas
by Ana Carolina Levrero

Reading Kishino Junko’s Memoir,Things Visible from a Woman’s Perspective
by Ronald P Loftus

Creative Writings

Fat & Choice: A Personal Essay
by Marilyn Wann

La Vie Boheme and other Stereotypes I Love to Fantasize Epitomizing (When I Feel Like I’ve Sold Out)
by Cynthia Miley

A Name of My Own: Disrupting (White) Heterosexual Naming Practices
by Melissa Nicolas

Choices in Dangerous Times: Who Gets Them and Who Doesn’t?
by Legier Biederman

American Woman
by Cierra Olivia Thomas

Patience Is a Game You Play
by Laura Madeline Wiseman

To a Harrowing Revolution
by Callie Maidhof

Demanding Choices
by Ann Lawless

Book Review
Reality Therapy: A Book by William Glasser Or A Psychology of Choosing Dominant Morality A Review
by Lynda L. Hinkle

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