Fall Selections

Volume 3, Issue 6
Fall 2012


Superpatriarchy Meets Cyberfeminism: Facebook, Online Gaming, and the New Social Genocide
by Breanne Fahs and Michelle Gohr

“Angels in the Twenty-first Century House”: Middle-aged, Middle-class Heroines Who Conform to the Feminine Script
by Dr. Jade McKay

From Birthing to Blogging: A Feminist Rhetorical Analysis of the Blog “Birth Without Fear”
by Lori Beth De Hertogh

Chinese Women in Globalization: New Gender Discriminations and New Feminist Voices
by Peiling Zhao

The Lady of the Rings: Female Resistance, Female Containment, and the Magical Circus
by Zara T. Wilkinson

Orloff versus Misra et al.: Assessing Feminist Approaches to Gender, the State, and the Transition to Employment Insurance in Canada
by Leslie Nichols

Book Review: Helène Aylon, Whatever is Contained Must be Released: My Jewish Orthodox Girlhood, My Life as a Feminist Artist
by Heather Saunders


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