Feminist Works and Editors Issue

Volume 2, Issue 2
July 2008

Centrality of Experiences and Third World Women
by Maria Angelica de Leon Relucio

An Ecofeminist Approach to Jean Rhys’s Wide Sargasso Sea

by Jaclyn Mallan

Bloodsucking Structures: American Female Vampires as Class Structure Critique
by Lynda L. Hinkle

Moral Panic and the New York Magdalen Society: Nineteenth Century Prostitution and the Moral Reform Movement
by Emily van der Meulen

Something Much Dearer: Surpassing Female Romantic Friendship Through the Writings of Margaret J.M. Sweat
by Shawna Lipton

by Stephanie Marchese

About the Authors

Housed within the physics & astronomy do homework department at uc irvine, this course explores the implications of good science by challenging students to take a critical approach to its representation both in popular culture and real life

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