Volume 1, Issue 1
December 2004


Editor’s Column: Gender and the Body, An American Perspective
by Lynda Hinkle


Tough and Tender, Buff and Brainy: A New Breed of Female Television Action Hero Blurs the Boundaries of Gender
by Diana Dominguez

Sluts, Ho’s and Circuit Boys: Gay Gossip in a Bar-Going Community in Tucson, Arizona

by Brian Adams-Theis

The Portrayal of PMS on Television Sitcoms

by Rhea Parsons

Masquerade, The Female Body in Postmodern Films
by Kathleen Barbara

The Shaping of the New Woman in The Rise of Silas Lapham

by Andrea Powell

(Dis)Locating the Male Body in “The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock”
by Yetta Howard

Portrait of a Lady and the Male Gaze
by Anna Phelan-Cox

Parodying Lesbiansim: Deconstruction in Djuna Barnes’s Ladies Almanack
by Susanne Hamscha


DVD Review: The Films of Marjorie Sturm Volume 1
by Kerri Provost

Book Review: Cunt: A Declaration of Independence by Inga Muscio. Second Edition
by Alison Edwards

Art Review: Gender – Double Trouble and Transgression: Yasumasa Morimura’s appropriation of a desirable body
by Barbara Wagner

Staff Editorials

For Baby and Me: Tales of a Feminist Mother
by Alison Edwards

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