Women and Families

Volume 2, Issue 6
February 2010

Table of Contents
“Too Soon Marred”: The Nature of Nurturing in Franco Zeffirelli’s Adaptation of Romeo and Juliet
by Hillary Fogerty

Point Break: Abandoning the Wave Metaphor and the Politics of Division
by Courtenay W. Daum

Good Mothers, Bad Mothers and Mommy Bloggers: Rhetorical Resistance and Fluid Subjectivities
by Rebecca Powell

Women and Sisters in Civil War Domestic Fiction: Harper’s New Monthly Magazine and the Southern Literary Messenger
by Julie Still

“There’s No Place Like Home”: Mothers, Daughters, and Domestic Spaces in 20th Century American Film
by Vibiana Bowman Cvetkovic

Imagining Mother: Representations of Contested Maternal Identities and Loss in Jackie Kay’s The Adoption Papers and Isha McKenzie-Mavinga’s ‘Yearning To Belong’
by Charlotte Beyer

The Unassisted Childbirth Movement: Questions of Autonomy, Intuition, and Empowerment in the Familial and Communal Context
by Shira Segal

“Not Because My Heart is Hard”: The Bondwoman’s Narrative, the Gothic, and Companionate Marriage
by Erin Elizabeth Smith

“Where No Human Aid is Possible”, Or Is It?: How the Temperance Movement and Suffrage Movement Changed the Family
by Lynda L. Hinkle

Men’s Familial Colonies and Empires: its Border and Legacy
by Judy Gonzales Malundo

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