MP in the Academic World

10 Aug

Online journals are still a little new; no one is quite sure what to make of them and academics can bit wary. They ask themselves: “How will this stack up in the tenure and reappointment process?”

There are a number of ways of evaluating a journal, whether print or digital.  One way is to see where it is indexed — is it accepted with the more traditional publications?  The MP editorial board is proud to announce that the MLA International Bibliography and Academic Search Premiere will be including the journal”s articles in their databases.  The MLA is the premiere index for literary research and Academic Search Premiere is one of the standard databases used for overall undergraduate research.

MP articles are also included in , though it is easier to find them by searching the author or keywords than by the journal name.  I”m not sure why and am trying to figure it out.  One of the more interesting aspects of Google Scholar is that it will show citations if someone has used that article in their research.  It isn”t a perfect tool to use for citation research but it does pick up some items, such as book chapters, that the more standard citation indexes don”t. Following were another seven charting hits that year

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