Feminism 2010

Volume 3, Issue 1
August 2010

Table of Contents

“Thank You for Being a Friend:” The Politics, History, and Fandom of The Golden Girls and Its Feminist Message for the Coming Decade
by Thomas J. West

Collection Strategies: Some Thoughts on How European Museums Deal with Gender Imbalance
By Martin Sundberg

“Bernarda Alba and Frogs with No Tongues”
By Thomas Blake

The Romance of Henry James’s Female Pedophile
Jenn McCollum

Great Men, Little Black Dresses, & the Virtues of Keeping One’s Feet on the Ground
By Babette Babich

Feminist Porousness: Challenging the Isolationism of Oppositional Consciousness
By Kendall McClellan

Perceptions of the Veil: (Un)Veiling the Veiled Muslim Woman
By Rahela Nayebzadah

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