Volume 1, Issue 4
May 20, 2006

Table of Contents

Big Love, Big Mistake
by Lynda L. Hinkle

Great Books for Girls? A Case Study of American Children’s Novels
by Amy Singer

by Janice Walters

Menacing Strangers, Ineffectual Husbands, and Vacations from Hell: Lifetime TV as the New American Domestic Gothic
by Vibiana Bowman

Scoobies and Potentials: The Slayer Community as Hero in Buffy the Vampire Slayer
by Kim Kirkpatrick

“Second Only to Barbie” Identity, Fiction, and Non-Fiction in the American Girl Collection
by Lisa Mae Schlosser

First I’m a Woman: The Heroic Film Roles of Pam Grier
by Randall Clark

Feminine Beauty and the Male Gaze in the L-Word
by Susan J. Wolfe and Lee Ann Roripaugh

Will the Real Asian American Female Please Stand Up?: Margaret Cho’s Identity Problems
by Debby Thompson

Submission and Liberation in the Theatre of the Identical: La Mysterique and Lars von Trier
by Elsie Danielle Thorburn

Giving Scissors to the Sisters: Ana Matronic and Cutting Up the Popular Cultural Landscape
by Tara Brabazon

Our Vaginas Not Ourselves: A Critical Analysis of the “Vagina Monologues”
by Alyssa Riesser

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