Race and Gender

Volume 2, Issue 4
August 2009

Table of Contents
Voice of Protest against Universal Male Sexual Sadism: An Interview with Sarojini Sahoo
by Dr.Nilanshu Kumar Agarwal

Rediscovering the Repressed: The Search for the M/Other in Michelle Cliff’s Abeng
by Christine Cloud

“Such Happiness Will Smile No More For Me”: Domesticity, Women’s Writing, and Sarah J. Hale’s Editorial Career

by Kristina Marie Darling

Women’s Reproductive Health: A question of human rights in the context of HIV/AIDS in Nigeria
by O.O. Fayomi and Nkiru Igbowke

Shadows and Houses: Politics and Place in Our Nig and Mansfield Park
by Sonya Lawson Parrish

Is My Uniform Too Kinky?
by Elizabeth Johnson

About the Contributors

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