Women, Femininity, and Female Agency in Visual Media

Volume 3, Issue 2
Fall 2010


Hegemonic Female Spaces: An Analysis of the Covert Meanings within Ladies Home Journal and Ebony Magazines’ Advertisements
by Kamesha Spates and Jenny Davis

“I Can’t Get Excited for a Child, Ritsuka”: Intersections of Gender, Identity, and Audience Ambiguity in Yun Kôga’s Loveless
by T.A. Noonan

Subverting the Myth of the Bearded Lady: Jennifer Miller and Circus Amok
By Shayda Kafai

The Visible Female: Rape Culture and Horror in Starcraft and Warcraft
Jolie Mandelbaum

Getting Even: Feminist Agency and Postfeminist Containment in Girl Power Narratives
By Caryn Murphy

The Good Wives: Infidelity and the Political Wife
By Julie Still

Feminist Barbie: Mattel’s Remakes of Classic Tales
By Julie Still

Morrison, Connie M. Who Do They Think They Are?: Teenage Girls and Their Avatars in Spaces of Social Online Communication. New York: Peter Lang, 2010
Book Review By Katie Elson Anderson

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